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  • Product Groups TVS
    Because of its fast response time, transient power, low leakage current, breakdown voltage deviation, voltage clamp is easy to control, no damage limit, small volume etc.. Widely used in computer systems, communication equipment, AC / DC power supply, automotive, electronic ballast, household appliances, instruments and meters.
  • Product Groups MOV
    MOV is a kind of voltage limiting protection device. By using the non-linear characteristic of the pressure sensitive resistance, when the over-voltage occurs in the voltage between the two electrodes, the voltage clamp can be clamped to a relatively fixed voltage value, so as to realize the protection of the circuit.
  • Product Groups ESD
    ESD is formed since the middle of this century to study and attenuation of electrostatic, electrostatic discharge model, ESD effects such as current heat (sparks) effect (such as fire and explosion caused by static electricity) and electromagnetic effects (such as electromagnetic interference) and other disciplines. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology...
  • Product Groups GDT
    Ceramic ceramic discharge tube is encapsulated inside by two or more band gap metal electrodes, filled with inert gas argon, neon, when added to the two extreme voltage electric to gas discharge tube gas breakdown when the gas discharge tube to discharge from high impedance into low impedance...
  • Product Groups PTC
    Self recovery fuse is an electronic overcurrent protection element, using organic polymer in high pressure, high temperature, curing conditions, mixed conductive particle material, after special processing and. The traditional fuse overcurrent protection, can only protect once, burn off the need to be replaced, and since the restoration of the fuse with a thermal protection, automatic recovery of dual function
  • Product Groups SPG
    SPG activity of glass discharge is a protective device on a micro discharge gap between the electrode and the micro gap filled with stable and inert gas, and the use of glass shell and Dumet wire head sintering in high temperature and the formation of the seal
  • Product Groups TSS
    Semiconductor arrester is an overvoltage protection device, which uses the principle of thyristor tube, depending on the breakdown current of PN junction trigger device turn-on discharge, can flow through great surge current or pulse current. The breakdown voltage range, which forms the scope of the overvoltage protection.
  • Product Groups NTC&Sensor
    NTC thermistors are resistors that have high Negative Temperature Coefficient which would decrease the resistance when the temperature increase. NTC are composed of transition metal oxide catalysts (Mn,Co,Ni,Cu) and widely used as inrush current limiter, temperature sensors, temperature compensation, self-resetting overcurrent protectors.